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Mar 16, 2022Liked by David J. Rovinsky

Thanks for this cogent critique of the state of US-Canada relations. In a moment when everyone is focused on Ukraine and invoking WWII history, I confess that I would like to see a concerted effort to build a special relationship with a country with whom the US shares a very long border and commitment to democracy. The contrast to the US-Mexico border, which I crossed last week at Tijuana, could not be stronger. Far from deserted, there were long lines in both directions. No proof of Covid vaccinations or tests were required. No one asked questions in either direction, as they were much too busy to interrogate those of us flashing Global Entry cards. Lots of people cross every day to work. Unlike you, I was going for no better reason than to have a seaside margarita lunch with friends! It felt nostalgic…positively pre-pandemic.

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