Welcome to South of 45.

I am a political scientist and I concentrate in the comparative politics of developed democracies. My specialty is Canadian politics, and my interests are Quebec politics, federalism, political ideology, and conservatism in Western Canada. I also follow politics in Australia and the United Kingdom, especially questions of identity like Australian republicanism and English nationalism as connected to Brexit. I am also interested in Latin American politics, especially Brazil and the surrounding countries of the Southern Cone.

I am also a former American diplomat, or Foreign Service Officer. I served in Brazil, Paraguay, the Philippines, and Kuwait, an addition to several assignments in the United States. The views and opinions I express on this site are purely my own and I do not speak for the Department of State or the United States Government.

I will do several things in this newsletter. It is primarily for me to write about my interests, both to flesh out ideas for research, and to comment on current events in the light of my research.

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Using political science to analyze Canadian politics and other current events


David J. Rovinsky

Political scientist and former American diplomat specializing in comparative politics (especially Canada) and political philosophy.